The "Guys" of Cerebus
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Who is being parodied in Guys, the eleventh volume of Dave Sim's Cerebus?

I got the references to Eddie Campbell's Alec and Bacchus, Rick Veitch's dream comics, Too Much Coffee Man, and the Beatles, and there's that composite of Kingsley Amis and Norman Mailer. But there are a few others that I don't recognize (e.g. Greggo, Gently Bent, the guy with the googly eyes, maybe 1-2 more). There are also a couple of characters that only appear as voices, but I think they were parodies too; one of them might have been Daniel Clowes.
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Best answer: Marty is a visual homage to Marty Feldman's role as Igor in Young Frankenstein.
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Best answer: The Cerebus Wiki's entries for Greggo, Gently Bent, and Marty.
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Response by poster: Y'know, I could've sworn I searched for "cerebus wiki" on the assumption that such a thing must exist...

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