iPad data plan + At&t compatible android + prepaid voice = ?
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I hardly talk on the phone any more, when I do it's usually only a few minutes (last bill I used 60 of an available 500). So I could probably make do with a prepaid plan. However, I use data all the time; email, Google calendar, etc. Now many people out there have put the iPad data plan to use in assorted Android phones, granted that was before the AT&T unlimited cutoff. But has anyone done it after? Split voice and data to two devices? Is the slight hassle worth it? I'd use google voice to direct calls and such, wifi at work, home, many places I frequent so I'm not to worried about going over the 2 GB limit. Anyone out there with first hand experience?
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I'm confused about what you're proposing-- manually swapping the iPad microSIM (in an adapter) into the GSM android phone and then manually swapping the prepaid SIM when you want to make a call? Or are you proposing adding a post-paid dataplan to a prepaid voice account? Because I'm not sure there's a way you can do that.

You mention "Split voice and data to two devices" but which two devices are you talking about?
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Virgin Mobile has a $250 Android smart phone with a prepaid $25 a month for 3G data and 300 minutes. Reviews on the service are pretty mixed but it's worth investigating.
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Response by poster: @sharkfu Sorry it is a bit wordy.
The android phone would have the iPad data sim only.
I'd have a cheap-o prepaid phone (straight talk or tracfone) Just for voice calls
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Response by poster: @Miyabo I have looked at that, but Virgin runs off the Sprint network. Where I'm located Sprint has terrible coverage data wise. It barely covers the metro area.
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Best answer: I've decided to go ahead with the dual devices. I haven't found any one else's experience but I've looked over the costs and it works for me.

It may be more complicated than some people would like to deal with, carrying two phones but I'm a gadget geek anyways.
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