Know any good Spanish jokes?
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Know any good Spanish jokes?

For Spanish class I need to find a Spanish joke. It can’t be an "American" joke (like "why the long face?" or "how many _____ does it take to screw in a light bulb?") translated to spanish. Also it doesn’t have to be a joke from Spain, Mexico…ect. It just has to originate in the language… a joke that spanish speaking people tell.
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Also, since I've got to tell this joke, short ones would be better than long ones. basically nothing over a hundred words unless it's worth it, and nothing over two-hundred no matter what. Thanks.
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I don't know if they say it, and I'm too lazy to get the accents and other fiddly stuff right, but I learned these terrible horrible awful Spanish puns in one class or another, so it is fitting that you pass them on:

Que dijo el numero 18 al numero dos?
Vente conmigo! (or veinte conmigo)

And also:

Que hace el pez?

Muchas gracias. Estoy aqui toda la semana.
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Un tipo y una mujer en la playa:
- Y usted, no nada nada?
- No traje traje.

Un señor entra a un restaurante y pide una tortilla. El camarero pregunta <<francesca o española?>> <<Me da igual; no quiero hablar con ella.>>
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what do you call two mexicans playing basketball?
juan on juan. (one on one) get it? (no offense, apologies to all)
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Un hombre despertó cubierto de pelos. Fue al doctór y le dijo:
"Digame, doctór - que padezco?"

Y el doctór le dijo
"Padeces un osito"
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Que tienen en comun un huevo, un avion y una familia?


Pues, el huevo y el avion son ovales por frente.

(Y la familia?)

Bien, gracias!

Sorry for the spelling.
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i can't think of any "stand up" jokes, off the top of my head, but here are a couple of amusing slogans from the durex campaign on the radio:
sin condones durex, puedes tocar pero no entrar (preceded by someone desperately ringing a doorbell).
olvidalo y te olvides (not 100% sure i've got the conjugations right on that - could be an exercise for class ;o).
anyway, this search should give you a few.
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Since my spanish is rusty (and you should have to do at least some work) here is the English version of a spanish pun.

Q:Who is the patron saint of shoes?

A: San Dalia.

(Saint Dalia aka Sandals!)

El groan.
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I learned this one in high-school spanish class:

Ropa is not rope, sopa is not soap, and butter is mantequilla [meant to kill you, ged it?]
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This thread proves that puns suck in any language.
How strict is the word-length requirement? All good jokes are long, especially el chiste del caballo verde (the green horse joke), which is widely aknowledged as the best. joke. ever.
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Basically nothing over a hundred words unless it's worth it, and nothing over two-hundred no matter what. There was no requirement given in class. Also, the assignment basically said, to look online and ask your friends if they know any good jokes in Spanish, so rest assured I'm not using this sight to cheat. The dead line is in a few hours though so I think I'm going to go with one that's already been said.

Gracias. Espero que vosotros consiga los pollos de goma debajo de sus almohadillas!

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