Better Windows XP Backup?
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I've used standard MS Backup with DLT and it's really getting old (just snapped a tape and lost a 5 hour backup session).

Any cheap (even free) backup utilities that do a good job of backing up the NTFS file system, registry, etc to DVD-RW? Standard MS backup will not utilize DVD-RW (grr). I've researched and found nothing good. Thanks!
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...for XP Professional.
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Do you have DVD-RAM instead? That would make things much easier.
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Cheapsake solution: Standard MS Backup doesn't do DVD, but it does know how to write its backup stream to plain old files. If you've got scratch disk space, run the backup to a file dump, and then write that file to the DVD media of your choice. You could conceivably wrap the whole process in a batch file if you wanted to be clever and automated.
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Just quickly - I'd be hesitant to blame MS Backup for snapping a tape. That is _much_ more likely to be caused by a faulty tape, or a faulty drive. The software has little impact there...

I was a Quantum repair engineer for two years
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Decent backup programs are surprisingly hard to find, but I've been using Backup4all - - recently and it's doing a good job so far. I used WinBackup before that, but it really doesn't get on with DVDs (as well as suffering from Just Breaking From Time to Time Syndrome).
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I use the concept described in the post tagged as the best answer. I've added a heavy duty compression stage in there so I can fit more than just 4.5Gig of data on a DVD-RW (currently around 6.5 I think). I use 7-zip(.org).
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Thanks for the input, coriolisdave, but I was referring to DLT, not MS backup, as being the central issue. Good for you and your Quantum repair engineering.
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