Space Coast, coast to coast.
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How do we get around the Space Coast/Melbourne/Titusville?

The Girlfriend and I are heading down for the Nov 1st shuttle launch. Neither of us drive, and google results thus far haven't turned up a lot. We'll probably be staying in the Melbourne area and will need to get to get to the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, around 9am.

Is there public transit? We've found mention of a bus up to titusville. Does it run in the mornings? Will we have to catch a cab from Titusville, or are there other options?

For bonus points: any other cool/nerdy things to do in those areas? We're not really that interested in hyper-touristy stuff like Disney or MGM.

For urber-mega bonus points: any places in Melboure/Titusville you can get good vegitarian/vegan food?

Thanks in advance.
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Honestly it may be a bit tough getting around with a vehicle. Yes, there is a bus system, ""> Space Coast Area Transit, but I'm not sure it actually goes to the Visitor Complex. It's primarily designed to get folks to work and school. You can plug in your hotel as the starting location and see if their mapper can provide some info.

You might want to check to see if you hotel is offering a shuttle-run to the Complex or beach area. Maybe check with the Visitor Center and see if they have suggestions? Put a post on SpaceCoast Craigslist looking for a ride share? I've always watched from the beach or standing in the middle of my street so I'm just not sure what other options there may.

What town are you actually staying in? The Space Coast is stretched out along the coast and you've got options depending on your actual location :)
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Unfortunately, to the best of my recollection, most of Brevard County (like most of Florida, really) is not very pedestrian-friendly. There is Space Coast Area Transit, but I have no idea how reliable it is. The Melbourne-to-Titusville bus doesn't appear to run much more than once an hour (every three hours on Saturday, and not at all on Sunday).

Other than the beach, there isn't much else that's actually near Cape Canaveral (Orlando is an hour away by car).

For what it's worth, State Road 50 at U.S. 1 is a pretty good place to watch launches, and it is fairly close to a few SCAT routes.
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I don't know of any SCAT buses that go up the coast. If you were to stay in the (hyper-touristy!) Orlando area in a tourist hotel, they do have buses to the Space Center.

We have a Whole Foods Market in Melbourne and some restaurants offer vegetarian options. I am not sure which are vegan! Sorry.

Our beaches are lovely and worth a visit. If you can stay in an ocean view hotel, even better!

How are you getting here if you don't drive? Will you be flying into Melbourne Intl Airport? Or Orlando?
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Please tell us that you've planned your trip enough to know how exactly you're seeing the launch. Note that you can't just waltz into the KSC Visitors Center on a launch day -- you need passes, which sold out looooong ago.

If you don't have KSC VC passes, then this will be your new bible:
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Also remember that you do not have to be actually at the Visitor Center to see the launch. Hopefully you have your hotel already booked - a remember to book several days after the actual planned launch date as there can (and usually are) delays. The Visitor Center may be able to advise you of alternate launch window dates.

If you have a beachfront hotel you can watch the launch on the tv, then about 3 seconds into lift-off, run out on your balcony or outside to watch the shuttle.

Even at the Visitor Center you are going to be watching it via close circuit tv until the Shuttle clears the launch pad, and then it's an awesome glowing object in the sky with a massive contrail.

I've seen nearly every launch and still think it's just too cool!
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