Tenth Anniversary show?
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For the life of me I cant find the This American Life tenth anniversary show on the TAL website where Ira Glass replays and comments on the first ever TAL, and google fails me. Any ideas?
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It looks like this would have been broadcast November 25, 2005. You're right, it's doesn't seem to be on the TAL website. Episode 1 is here, but I know you want the commentary 10 years later.
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After 2006, when TAL made a deal w/ Audible and iTunes, they stopped free streaming of archived episodes from their website. They still have all of their shows filed away in their super-secret online directory. You can download manually from this hilariously-named web address:

(insert the actual episode # just before the .mp3)

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like TAL counted the 10th anniversary replay as an actual episode. You can see here that there is no episode listed for 11/25/2005, when this was originally played. I've noticed that for a few of the episodes, the file they have in the directory is not the original, but rather a replayed version. So there is a chance that episode 1 is actually the 10th anniversary version, and not the original. Worth a try at least!

Good luck!
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I was looking for this a while ago too, and couldn't find the episode with the terry gross congratulatory segment where she clinks ice in her glass. Couldn't find it, but audible has the episodes from season 1 for sale.
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