Rum Punch Recipe or Ingredients from an Excursion in the Bahamas
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Need a recipe or ingredients for a creamy-tasting rum punch my wife and I enjoyed while on a snorkeling excursion in Nassau, Bahamas.

My wife and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise, and one of our stops was Nassau, Bahamas. While there, we went on a snorkeling excursion, during which they offered a refreshing rum punch beverage. We had ours without the rum, but it was still really good, and as I recall it had a somewhat creamy flavor to it. Several times, we have craved this beverage, but I haven't got the skills to even try to recreate it.

I have no idea what the ingredients were, but it definitely contained some form of (generic) fruit or tropical punch, as I remember seeing a gallon jug of the red punch. I have seen several recipes for "rum punch" whilst googling, but none of them seem all that close to what we had. Heck, even the rum punch thread on here doesn't seem much similar to what we had. Again, I remember it having somewhat of a "creamy" flavor to it, and that's probably the main ingredient I cannot place, but I'm not entirely sure.

So I figured I would try asking here. Maybe someone has been on this particular excursion, or otherwise knows how to make a good "creamy" rum punch (rum optional, as I said, it was really delicious even without the rum). I just can't place exactly what those other ingredients were.

So, anyone got a recipe or at least some ideas of what ingredients might have been involved (besides the rum and punch, of course)?
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I suspect that any creaminess in the drink was provided by the addition of coconut cream.
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About ten yeas ago I did the same, and also loved the punch. I asked the guy how they made it, how it got that "creamy" mouth feel you're describing. He said the secret ingredient was Jell-o. Instead or using red Kool-Aid or Tropical Punch, they used Jell-o mix. I can't remember what flavor, probably cherry or strawberry.
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you're gonna want to use Coco Lopez brand cream of coconut. I would imagine other ingredients were red punch and lime juice.
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When you say "creamy" do you mean it was opaque or milky as if it had (milk, cream, coconut milk, cream of coconut, etc) in it, or is part of your conundrum that it tasted "creamy" but didn't look it?
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If it was opaque/milky per aimedwander's question, there is a liquor called Rum Cream which is used in alot of drinks in Jamaica. But, it's got alcohol in if you are sure that the punch was non-alcoholic, then that wasn't it.
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Response by poster: It had a creamy taste, but not so much a creamy look. Not sure it even had a noticeably creamy mouth feel either, maybe just a tad. It wasn't overly milky or anything though, as I recall.

The coconut cream sounds accurate enough, but I suppose I won't know for sure until I can get my hands on some. The Jell-O trick definitely sounds interesting too, but I'm not so sure that's what this drink had in it.
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I had something similar on a snorkle-with-the-seaturtles excursion in ... Antigua, maybe? I forget what day it was, and the drink helped that. Painkiller or Banana Bender; ours was the latter and involved fresh chunks of banana added in. They seem to be a popular specialty of chartered boat tours (and are creamily drunkenly delicious).
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The last time I was in Nassau our bartender made us really creamy daiquiris, and he said the secret ingredient was plain ol' milk. YMMV.
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