For Once I Want the Ads
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Where can I find news shows online with ads?

For an english paper I need to write, I need a copy of a news show such as (ABC|NBC|CBS|etc.) nightly news or 20/20 that contains the ads as well as the original content.

I know I can get the content from iTunes' podcasts, but it must have ads for it to work for the paper. I would record it with a DVR/VHS/whatever, but I don't have access to those.

So, where would I be able to get a copy of these shows with the ads still intact?

(PS: A non-bittorrent method would be very much preferred as college doesn't approve of quality file sharing methods.)
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CNN has streaming video, and I assume ads are included.

Fox News also.
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Ask your professor or TA. You cannot be the only one with this problem. Alternatively, find a friend with a DVR.
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