How do I transfer my Firefox settings to a new computer?
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Firefox question: I recently bought a new computer and want to transfer the Firefox settings from the old computer, namely the bookmarks. What file(s) should I copy over to my /Firefox folder in the new computer?
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the file you are looking for is bookmarks.html. In windows 2000/XP it's going to be in a subdirectory something like C:\Documents and Settings\addyct\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\4xn3tg02.Default User

The 4xn3tg02 will be different, it's generated randomly by Firefox
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In windows, if you want to copy all the settings, just save the 4xn3tg02.Default User directory's content to the new computer, install Firefox and let it make a default profile, and copy the contents of the old directory into the new default profile's directory, found in the same place.

Or, you can have a firefox directory in your My Documents.. Run "firefox -profilemanager" in the windows run box. Using the profile manager, create a new profile manually, and specify a sub directory of "My Documents" as where to put it. Then when you copy over your documents and other data, it will come with you even after a format, or to a new pc.
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The above work for profiles, but if your bookmarks are all you really want, just do this:

In firefox, click

Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks --> File --> Export

Then save it somewhere.
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MozBackup. Discontinued, but still available. Requires that you used the default installation directories I think.
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if you're copying over your entire profile directory, i've found it helpful to first install all of the same extensions on the new computer (if you're using any extensions)
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Here are some useful instructions
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