Like I need another reason to get out of Michigan
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Can I buy genever (or jenever) in Toledo or Windsor? Because I apparently can't in Michigan.

I want to get some bottles of flavored genever for holiday gifts this year - definitely vanilla but probably others as well. But my local liquor store says it's not in that book of Alcohol Allowed to be Sold in Michigan, or whatever it's called that the Michigan Liquor Control Board puts out. I can find a few places online that sell it, but the shipping's going to essentially double the price. I'll drive to Toledo or Windsor, if I have a chance of finding it there. Anyone know?
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The LCBO carries a genever, but it appears not to be stocked in Windsor. You could contact them to see if they will order it for you, maybe?
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Wikipedia says that it is called "Holland Gin" in the English speaking world. Might it be on the Michigan list under that name?
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