Iphone travel with portable wifi?
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requesting advice on traveling with my iphone: will be in areas with good internet connections but no wifi (hotels, friends homes etc) and I will not be wanting to use foreign ATT account. What is the easiest, most portable and cheapest set up that I can carry with me to give me wifi access after i pull my sim?
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On the iPhone 4, at least, no need to pull a SIM. Just turn off "Mobile Data" under "General" on Settings. Can't say if that is an iPhone 4, iOS, or available on 3G/3GS using 3.0 software.
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Where are you from? Where are you traveling to?

Are you trying to find a device that will give you a mobile wifi hotspot wherever you are?
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Response by poster: going to japan
yes, i guess i need a mobile wifi hotspt, though to be honest, what would the alternatives be?
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So you're saying that you will have access to wired (ethernet) internet, and want to be able to use it from your iPhone?

If that's correct, then get the highly portable Airport Express. Plug it in to power and ethernet, and connect to your phone. (You'll want to configure it before your trip. And don't forget power adapters if needed.)
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Response by poster: yes i will hve access to wored internet (the norm in Japan where wifi is rare)
so the express if configured before travel wont need access to a pc to reconfigure?
Any advice on how to configure it for this use? I won one already but use it for my audio system linkage to my imac...
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Response by poster: I guess i need to do this :pre-configure the Airport Express at home to: 1)
create a new wireless network, 2) use network from ethernet, 3) use

but i have no idea how to do that...
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Response by poster: OK: i can configure it, but some say bridge connection is best, others say DHCP: any opinions
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my first instinct is to use routing / dhcp, as then you will have a firewall between you and whatever network you're on - though security concerns are a bit less on the iphone. a double-nat-ed connection (If your friend has a wired router, and you connect wirelessly through another router - ie the airport express) may cause some unforseen problems, but I see no reason you can not go into the router configuration if that's the case (using your friend's computer / the iphone istself) to change the airport's function from routing to bridging. set a strong passphrase and wpa2 encryption.

I'm not familiar with the airport express itself - I'm assuming it can connect via ethernet to a wired router? A 3 second google didn't give me the information...
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