Can I Watch the Atlanta Falcons in Seattle?
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I'll be on a trip to Seattle on Sunday, 11/7 -- the day that my hometown team the Atlanta Falcons will be squaring off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since I'm guessing that the Atlanta-Tampa Bay contest will not the be featured game on the local Seattle Fox affiliate, I'm wondering ... Is there any place in Seattle (I'm thinking sports bar, I guess?) where expatriate Falcons fans gather? Heck, I'd even be willing to go to place where expatriate Bucs fans gather. Or just a sports bar in general where they might show all the games on various monitors. Thanks!
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What neighborhood will you be staying in? There are sports bars in every neighborhood that will have the game, but it will be easier if you narrow it down.
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Or just call local bars once you are there and ask if they have the Sunday Ticket.
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My hotel is in the Lake Union area.
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Go to Buckleys on 2nd downtown. It's not the home of the Falcon backers (I don't know who is) but they'll be showing the game and it's got a great vibe. Ignore reviews that say it's just a fraternity boy hangout, that may be true on weekend evenings but its a football fans kinda place on Sunday and they show all games.
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I disagree, Buckley's is a total frat boy hangout, even during games. However, most of the bars downtown and in Belltown are. Another choice is the Fox Sports Grill downtown which is corporate-y but has much better food than Buckley's.
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The Ram (multiple locations, U Village and Northgate in Seattle proper) seems to always show a variety of games.
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My friend ended up taking me to a place called Sport, downtown near the Space Needle. We were able to sit in a booth with the Falcons game on our own TV as well as see several other games on the various TVs around the room.
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