help me find this battery widget
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Looking for a specific Android battery level widget...

I had a free battery level widget but deleted it and now can't find it in the Android Market (where I got it originally). It was a 1x1 icon of a battery that would show you the percentage charge your battery held. The thing I liked about it was that while the phone is charging, the icon animates so that it looks like bubbling green liquid.

I miss it and want it back! I hope you guys can help!
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That sounds like the HTC Sense Widget. Try searching the market for apps published by HTC, or maybe with the word 'sense' and see what comes up.
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Is this different from the standard built-in droid battery indicator? What do you see if, from the home screen, you go settings/battery manager? I see sloshing green liquid in a battery outline on my Droid X, and I have not downloaded any battery apps.
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Response by poster: I should have said that I have a myTouch, which runs HTC Sense already. This is something I definitely had to download.
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Best answer: It is called 'Accu', by HTC Corporation. You can add it by going to the widget menu and then to Get more HTC widgets. It is in that list, and not in the Market.
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Response by poster: Yaaaaaaaay thank you!
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