Help me pick the best LCD!
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Switching from CRT to 120hz LCD for gaming. Help me pick the best monitor out there!

My Viewsonic P220f 22" CRT is amazing. 5 years old and it still has a higher resolution than any LCD on the market and its been fantastic for gaming. Unfortunately, this issue that I posted previously about appears to be cropping up again and I have no idea how long its going to last, nor do I care to wait. It appears LCDs are finally at the point where they can compete with a five year old CRT for gaming. 120hz refresh rate, 2ms response time, 24" screens, decent contrast, etc.

The only problem is...I haven't been in the monitor market in 5 years. I have no idea which one to pick!

Here's whats important to me:
- 120hz refresh rate...I want it to run like butter and that will support 3D as well which I believe my Alienware M17x's dual nvidia 260m's should be able to run

- Good response time for FPS games...most likely will need 2ms but not really familiar with this

- Good contrast, I HATE when blacks look gray or blue

- Multiple gaming laptop has vga and hdmi out. My desktop media box has dual dvi out. Easy switching between the two sources would be nice, but it is critical that the gaming laptop be able to run at the full 120hz which I believe some monitors have problems with over hdmi...

- A solid stand, preferably adjustable

- No smaller than 23" but preferably larger

Price is not really an issue. I don't upgrade for a long time but when I do I buy the best. What is best at the moment? Happy to answer any questions and may have a few of my own. Was looking at Alienware's but wasn't sure if there were other options I was missing. Help!
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I too know nothing about monitors. You might want to try the Ars Technica forums or maybe start with their recommendation for a monitor in the September 2010 hot rod buying guide.
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I've heard nothing but good things about ViewSonic and I'm very happy with my 22' monitor I just bought from them. I know the one I bought is not quite as big as you were looking for but it looks like their VX2439wm or VX2739wm would work for you; they have both the size and the response time you're looking for.
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You should familiarize yourself with the different kinds of LCDs. Here's a good intro and a spring 2010 guide from x-bit labs. Everything involves tradeoffs and by making response time a priority pretty much means you're going to be looking for something of the TN kind, which sacrifices color depth, black level, vertical viewing angle, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is that advertised specs are marketing-driven, not fact- or reality-driven. A response time of 2 ms really means no such thing -- it means that in the very best case it will be 2ms but in some cases it will be 15 or 20 ms, and there will be artifacts from the overshooting that the compensation circuitry (RTC) used to get that 2ms. Advertised contrast ratios are similarly bullshit. You should find a reviewer that actually tests things, like this x-bit labs review of the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ.
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