A Racing Game the Allows you to Create Tracks?
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Has there been a good racing video game that allows you to build your own tracks?

I own an Xbox 360 and a decent laptop and I've been wondering about this and I can't find anything. I've played Avatar Golf on the Xbox 360 and Prostroke Golf on the original Xbox and you could design your own golf courses so somewhere there must be a racing game that allows you to create tracks. Well, there should be.
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Check out TrackMania - Wikipedia.

It's free, too.
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GTR2 has community-made tracks (as well as cars and a whole bunch of other mods) available for download, so there must be some kind of utility out there for creating said tracks. Keep in mind that GTR2 is geared more towards realism and simulation and might not be exactly what you're looking for.
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Yeah, Trackmania rocks.
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Came here to mention TrackMania as well. It's pretty much the defining series of the concept for me.
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ModNation Racers has an amazing track editor! Unfortunately, it's only for PS3.
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Excitebike was pretty good.
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TrackMania is what you want, for sure. It's pretty arcade-y which may offend the potential driving simulation purist in you, but it's super fun if you can get over the lack of realism. The editing UI is pretty easy to grasp, too, since it's all just tile based.
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Seconding Excitebike.
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Wow, so many hours played of that back in the day. There's a 'bug' where if you get to top speed in the F1 car nothing slows you down.. we used to make crazy tracks with a giant flat straight runup just to trigger this then have all kinds of insane loops and jumps.
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