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Can anyone recommend a good, free "reminders by e-mail" service?

I'd like to get an e-mail on a certain day, at a certain time, reminding me to do something. Preferably from someone reputable, that won't sell me out to spammers. Or maybe a PHP application that I can run on my own server to do the same thing? Something easier to use than scheduling dozens of cron jobs?
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Best answer: I use FutureMail.
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I've only used it a couple weeks, but does this.
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My Yahoo calendar does this for my appointments. Not sure if it's completely appropriate, but it does what you want, and I find it useful.
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Another vote for My Yahoo Calendar. It does email, but I use it for SMS reminders to my cell phone, which is sweeeeeet. I never get parking tickets anymore.

Of course, you should know what you're getting into with them, privacy-wise. I can't help there, as I've never given them an email address that means anything to me.
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If you are on a mac, just set up your iCal to remind you via email. You can have items repeat by day/week/month/year, etc, and customize how long before the event you want to receive the email. It's terrific.
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man at:

For example, to run a job at 4pm three days from now, you would do 'at 4pm + 3 days', to run a job at 10:00am on July 31, you would do 'at 10am Jul 31' and to run a job at 1am tomorrow, you would do 'at 1am tomorrow'.
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Have a look at remind, it's a simple yet powerful UNIX application to produce reminders. An introduction from 43folders is here.

This does not produce email, but since the default behaviour of cron is to mail you the output of the commands it runs, that's pretty much a non-issue.
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