Looking for an investment library in New York
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I'm trying to find the name and address of a library near Grand Central Station in New York that's geared toward investors/financial research. It's a small, private library not affiliated with the New York Public Library system. I know the library exists (or existed until recently), but I can't find anything online. The library may be affiliated with some sort of society for investment professionals or financial analysts. It's *not* the NYPL Science, Industry and Business Library.
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New York Society of Security Analysts?

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Going off dfriedman's suggestion of NYSSA, here's an article about their opening of the Benjamin Graham Value Investing Archive. They're headquartered at 1540 Broadway; I would assume that their library is in the same place.
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NYSEA only recently moved to 1540 Broadway. They used to be on 6th ave. Just an FYI.
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You may want to contact either the Business & Finance Division or the Metro New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. I'm a contact for our local chapter, and this is exactly the kind of question I'd be happy to answer if it were about my area.
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Could it be the The Conference Board, Inc.?
845 3rd Avenue (51st & 52nd)

Independent, nonprofit business membership and research organization. Business management practices worldwide, especially economic, and demographic in nature. Specific concerns include: corporate citizenship, including corporate contributions, diversity, environmental policy and issues, and government relations; corporate governance, including boards of directors, role of chief executives, relations with institutional investors, and shareholder input and influence; economics, including economic and financial forecasts, consumer confidence, leading economic indicators, North American outlook and trends, and global economic environment. . .
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