Can my speaker be resurrected?
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One of my JBL Creature II satellite speakers broke. Can I fix or replace it without buying a whole new system?

I have a set of ~5 year old JBL Creature II speakers. Recently, one of the little satellite speakers stopped working (it may have been dropped). The subwoofer and the other speaker still work fine, so instead of replacing the whole system, is there a way I can fix or replace just the little speaker?

When you take apart the speaker, you find this thing inside, which is the broken part*. The number on it says "JBL 310-0022-001 G 190104". I'm assuming you can't fix this part, but is it possible to order one of these somewhere and just reattach it here, reusing the old shell? The information on the green circle that's hard to read says "COMP SIDE 400-0024-001-A".

I would of course also be fine with just buying a new separate JBL satellite speaker if those exist anywhere, but so far I haven't had any luck (have been following eBay auctions also).

Further complication: I am located in Germany, so if either of these thing exist and can be bought, they should ship either from within (preferable) or to the EU.

Sorry for the lack of tech-savvy words here. I am not a hardware techy person, but my SO could easily do the installation if we found the hardware.
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Your best bet is to contact JBL's support dept.
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I guess that's the left one, without the digital volume control? If JBL doesn't come through, you could probably make do with a generic passive (non-powered) speaker plugged in there. I suppose there is a slim chance of frying the amp in the main unit if you try this, but I think the risk is small.
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Response by poster: exegenous: Yes - I forgot to add that, it is indeed the left one without the volume control.
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