Recommend an osteopath in TO?
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Do you know an osteopath in Toronto who uses muscle energy theory / techniques?

My mother is seeing this guy in Prince George who is doing her all kinds of good -- has really improved a problem she's had for months and that her GP and chiropractor couldn't cure in just a couple of visits -- and based on talking to her, I think the same techniques could probably help me, as well, since my issues are similar.

I had her ask, and he said he's trained as an RMT, and uses a variety of techniques. He recommended that if I was looking for a similar practitioner, I should find an osteopath who uses muscle energy theory or techniques.

So where can I find one of those in Toronto?
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Here's a place to start- I didn't even know we had DO's in Canada.

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...and I see (at least here in Alberta) that an osteopathic physician (aka "an osteopath," legally and formally) and an "osteopathic manual therapist" are not equivalent. You probably want the latter.
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I'd ask the practitioner where they were trained, then contact that institution, and ask for referrals for your area.
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Most osteopaths (the manual therapy kind) will use muscle therapy as part of their training, but there are a lot of aspects of osteopathy that might be more suited to your personal case that muscle therapy would be, so don't worry if your particular osteo doesn't specifically use muscle therapy during your session.

One name is Robert Morelli. Even though I have never met him, my aunt goes to him and says he's good, so that's where I got his name. I'm studying osteopathy in Montreal and he teaches at my school (the Canadian College of Osteopathy, or the Collège d'études ostéopathiques in montréal).

His info is: (416) 888-9077 and he's at Avenue Road and St Clair in Toronto.

Katherine Liberatore. who is also quite experienced. I don't know her either, sorry, but it's a rec from a friend who goes.

in general, this link will help you.

i think you should ask the osteo how long they have been practicing as a D.O on the phone before you book a session. I would go with someone who got their D.O at least 3 years ago, but that's just me. It takes time to become efficient, so I would want someone with a bit more experience (which, of course, is not to say that some newer osteos won't be absolutely amazing. I just feel that if you have a choice, might as well go with experience.)

enjoy! you don't have to live in pain.
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