What's the best easy way to modify luggage to create partitions inside.
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What's the best easy way to modify luggage to create partitions inside.

I found a nice small piece of luggage at a thrift store, and want to use it as a camera bag. It is the perfect size, the opening is about 16X12X4, with plenty of extra pockets. What I'd like to do is put in some partitions so that I can have a space for a DSLR, several lenses, flash, and other extra bits. I have no idea how to go about doing this.

I can sew well enough to fix a seam that has come undone, and to make a teddy bear, but that is about it. I don't have a sewing machine.

I'd like to do this without spending much money, but I definitely don't want it to look like it was just thrown together with no thought. I don't care about permanent damage to the bag (it was less than ten dollars). I just couldn't bring myself to spend over $100 for a camera bag which is pretty much the exact same thing, except the camera bag has compartments and straps to hold the camera and lenses.

Surely there is someone who can point me to a good website about how to do this, or has some tips.
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There are a lot of camera bag inserts that come up in this search including this one from Tenba.

Maybe 'insert' wasn't something you searched for? There seems to be so many options and DIY sites in that search for ideas.
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DIY version here:

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Response by poster: Doh! I didn't think to search for inserts. I searched for how to make and modify camera bags, but I just found little cozies and soft covers, but nothing about making something a little more elaborate. Thanks!
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Foamcore is easily cut to size, and duct tape holds it together very well in a bendable fashion. Covering that with a cloth of some sort wouldn't be difficult. - If you can't find anything pre-made that is suitable. Plus it would be considerably cheaper than a pre-built insert.
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the pelican cases sell a type of foam they call 'pick-n-pluck' ... it comes pre-scored in little units ... you fill your case entirely then pull out chunks until you've made custom nooks for each piece of equipment. pretty fun!
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I work in a luggage shop and frankly, most of the camera bags we've carried are simple. Foam covered in cloth and either sewn in or velcroed in. You can get velcro that's sticky on both sides that lets you move the inserts around without damaging the bag.
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I've used Domke, Tenba, and Tamarac inserts before, but soft wraps and pouches for individual items work really well and don't eat up much internal space themselves.

I prefer the Domke wraps, but have also used other brands.
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