Help, I'm swamped with drawstring backpacks!
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Any ideas for repurposing promotional drawstring backpacks?

I've got about 10 of these, with various promotional logos, and I don't really need them. They are a little inconvenient for groceries and ugly to boot. Any ideas for alternate uses for them?

My son already has a nice backpack that he prefers to these, and no one else seems to want them.
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I had about a dozen of these that I filled with various little toys (lots of Beanie Babies) and school/office supplies and shipped them over to my cousin who is stationed in Afghanistan to distribute to the children that came around his camp, they were wickedly popular.
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I have one of these I use for my library pickups. I reserve many books online and when I go to pick them up I usually find these are just perfect. As for what to do with multiples of these? I wish I had a good answer. But that's one way I use mine.
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I got one of those bags from some census guy and sewed a Bike Collective patch on it as an extra pocket. This made it more useful and awesome instead of ugly. Then I gave it to a kid.
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Other uses include: sewing projects, socks, underwear, bras, and sending folks off with tasty food.
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Knitters like them as project storage. Know any knitters?
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I just use mine for traveling - I stick them in my luggage and they hold my dirty clothes or keep my shoes separate from other things.
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Shoe bags and general storage in my trunk.
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Use one for working out. I keep a "workout backpack" to fill with plates for doing dips and pull-ups. (Weight vests are expensive!)
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I have various bags like that which I use for the following random purposes:

1. Fill with shoes that get broken; eventually take bag to the cobbler
2. Similarly, fill with clothes that need mending; eventually mend the clothes
3. Use to store nicer handbags so they don't get dusty
4. Keep in car for library books
5. Keep in suitcase to use as a laundry bag
6. Gym bag
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Best answer: I always end up with odd tools and parts left over after a renovation project on my house so I make dedicated bags for each - like a plumbing bag, electric bag, flooring bag etc. It keeps them from cluttering up my everyday tools and saves me from searching high and low for my tile spacers that I knew I had left over from that project from 5 years ago.
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I use one as a stuff sack for an old sleeping back and other camping gear.
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Response by poster: Aha, any major dude; husband has endless numbers of cables and tools in his studio. Think I've got a winner.
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Some time ago, an area TV station pointed out that children who are removed from their homes by DHS often don't have more than a plastic bag to haul their things in. So you could try donating your excess backpacks to a shelter or group home.
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