400w speakers to computer?
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Whats the cheapest route to plug a DJ mixer/laptop into a pair Audiofile 583lr large floor speakers?

I sort of jumped the gun on myself but I thought I should snatch these up before someone else did. Don't worry, these speakers were used in a lot of "white van scams" but I'm paying 50$ for mine. :) The input on these speakers are those push connections you see on the back of home theater speakers that plug into a receiver. The speakers are 400w. I think I need to buy an amp so I can play sound from a DJ mixer.

I really have never had to do this before. If I can get enough sound to play out of these for a medium sized crowd I will be happy. What is the cheapest course of action?

Thanks! :D
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I was hunting around, is this the kind of thing that I need?


its only 75 watts. But that should be loud enough right?
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Yes, you need an amp.
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Can anyone reccomend an Amp? The speakers are 400w 11 ohms.
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These speakers aren't worth the money even if they're free. Spend $50 on someone's old floor speakers on craigslist, don't plug these in. The impedance curve can drop below 2 ohms on them, which can blow most amps.
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really? Yea and I sort of realized that I don't have the right reciver for them. I called back and told him I don't want them anymore. Wish Metafilter let you delete questions...
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Look more closely at the amp specs. Those chip amps claim low distortion, and then something like the 70 watts. But the low distortion only applies at the lowest settings, and at the rated volume, there is distortion.
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Get a set of behringer truth powered monitors instead. They start at $99. Flatter response, built in amps, no load mismatch (11 ohms?!). Potentially louder.
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