I'm ashamed to even ask...
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It's for an art project: I'm looking for a drawing commonly used on 4chan. You know the one--It's a simple stick figure rendition of Tommy Lee Jones in No Country For Old Men.

Simple black and White. Very minimal. It's a rendition of this shot. Thanks!
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I haven't seen that particular drawing you mention, though that reaction shot with Tommy Lee Jones is common. I have seen a reaction shot of Chigurh drawn in the manner you describe, as "trollface," probably derived from "Problem, Officer?"

You could /r for it or maybe hit one of the art sub-boards and request one of the local drawfags* to do one up. /tv does not carry it; I would have seen it if it did. If you're worried about 4chan contamination just, you know, fire up Opera, turn off Javascript and plug-ins like Flash, and, after a good shower with a scrubby brush and lye soap, you ought to be clean.

* It is custom on 4chan to self-refer with -fag as a suffix to the primary relevant descriptor, without that appendage having reference to actual sexual behavior. Heterosexual? No, you're a straightfag. Homosexual? Gayfag. In the military? Armyfag. Aspiring artist? Drawfag. Better living through self-deprecation. Forever alone. *tear*
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Response by poster: Thanks, I've seen it frequently, but can't GIS it to save my life. It's done in the style of "cereal guy" FWIW.
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Ah, okay, that narrows it down. I'll look a little more tonight, when I'm not at work. If this is your (WHITE WHALE) Holy Grail, we'll find it.
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You might want to dig around in the fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu subreddit.
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This thing?
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Response by poster: I don't know! That link doesn't go anywhere. :(
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Response by poster: I copypasta'd into a new browser. That's wasn't it. The link went to a picture with two trollfaces.
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Best answer: The largest I could find, even via TinEye: delivered. You'll probably want to do a vector retracing of it.
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Response by poster: That's the one! Thanks!
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Hey sourwookie, if you do enlarge it, any chance you can post it here??

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