I hope this critter (pictured) is not a bedbug...
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Is this critter I found crawling through my leg hair (jpg) a young bedbug? I have not noticed any bites, no red or black marks on my cream colored sheets. I got a dresser via craigslist but so far have only draped clothes on top of it, not inside. NYC.

Most pictures of bedbugs look more round and like ticks, but I did see a few photos of less mature bedbugs that looked kind of like this. The coin is a penny.

If it is a bedbug, and I assume that it must have come here in the dresser, would it be sufficient to treat the clothing draped on the dresser (hot wash/dry) and use a heat gun on all the crevices in the dresser?
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Looks like a flea, and not a bedbug to me.

Do you have animals?
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It looks a lot more like a flea to me, although that's pretty small for a flea. Perhaps it isn't a human flea?
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Someone with cats who you drank coffee with?
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Yep, it's a flea.
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That be a flea butt for sure.
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Totally a flea. Whew, you got off easy.

Do you live on the ground floor? Sometimes they come up through the cracks if there are rats in the basement.
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Definitely a flea. Get some kind of flea doom spray from a vet or a good pet store and spray the shit out of your furniture, carpets, bed, etc., leave it for a few hours to work its magic then vacuum like a mofo.
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Hello Mr. Flea. The good news is that aside from occasionally finding one on yourself and going "ahhh!' they're not a big deal. Plenty of flea killing stuff at any pet store. (If you have pets, use something like Frontline or Advantage).
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Yeah, that's a flea. I've just got done picking the goddamn things out of my leg hair after a serious infestation.

Get your pet (assuming you have one) treated, buy some flea spray and go to town.

Top tip if you do have to pick more off you - keep a glass of water with a drop of washing up liquid in it by your bedside (if they're in your bedroom, they will go for your legs when you get out of bed, because they're warm). Pick them off and drop them in the water - bye bye mister flea.
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Definitely a flea. I used to have cats. They used to get fleas, sometimes. I am very familiar with fleas. That, my friend, is a flea. Crush it. Crush its tiny head. Then get some spray.
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It's a flea. On people they like to bite on the "tauter" skin on wrists and ankles.

If you have an infestation in your living space then in addition to a flea-specific pesticide you need to become an obsessive vacuumist.

Really, you need to vacuum constantly for about a month in order to break the flea life cycle if you have an infestation.
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