Cheapest place to get 35mm slide film cross-processed in the UK?
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Cheapest place to get 35mm slide film cross-processed in the UK?
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West End Cameras are doing some special offers on mail-order processing, including cross-processing, right now. They are a really good store. Might be worth emailing them.
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Peak Imaging are very good - they're mail-order. When I have developed film on the high-street I used Snappy Snaps, but I don't believe they deal with 120 so anything specialist may be outwith their remit.
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I don't know about cheap, my film is far too precious to be processed by the cheapest, but I've had very good experiences with Metro Imaging in London and CC Imaging in Leeds.

Metro in particular can deal with almost anything you care to thow at them, I was in their (now closed) office in Soho getting some 120 transparencies developed and someone in the lab at the back was drying some 10 x 8 transparencies with a hair drier!
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ask on
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