It's (not) the final countdown!
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Help me creatively count down! I have started keeping a countdown on the whiteboard on my door for the coming week, until break, etc. I want to keep doing it, but I need original ideas.

My first two countdowns were just regular boxes to check for the days of the week until the weekend. Next, I had days until each of the coming holidays from school (fall break, thanksgiving, etc). Then there was an hourly count-down until the break. My dorm-mates are now expecting a new/fun way to count down to something, but I'm all out of ideas. What are some interesting ways to count down to the weekend/thanksgiving? The only criteria are that I can make it on a white-board and it be something different than what I've done before.
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It never hurts to go dark; do "number of deaths before Christmas", find the average number of deaths in your country for that period, and count up in regular intervals. Jolly!
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How about copy the square from the periodic table for the element that corresponds to the countdown number. Preferably use a table with all kinds of extraneous stuff written in the box.

Or... a sports action photo blown up, where the player is wearing the number as his uniform number. Best pose would have the number partially obscured, or the guy wearing it not the main focus of the photo.

Whatever it is, it should be obscure enough to make it a game to guess HOW what's on your white board IS a countdown. So put up the square for Oxygen, but no reference to "8 days until..."
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If you wanted to go more obvious, and do a series of the same theme, a still image from the Pinball Counting Song taped on the board every day would be awesome. And stick that tune in people's heads all day. Evil.
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This might be too simple, but a friend of mine last year did all her countdowns by making paper chains with each link representing a day. They're fun to make, your dorm looks nicer, and it's very satisfying to rip the paper after a bad day.
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You could draw a turkey (once it gets closer to Thanksgiving, I think this would work best, because turkeys only have so many parts), and then erase a foot, a wing, the beak, etc., until finally the turkey is gone = Thanksgiving!
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You could write "Number of days until ____:" at the top and then write something that would relate to a number, and leave it up to your roomates to figure out what number is being referenced (write Jack Bauer for 24 or Deadly Sins for 7, the name of an athlete for their number...)

Otherwise, I was also going to suggest drawing, but adding to the drawing each day instead of subtracting from it, so the turkey appears on Thanksgiving!

Or you could write the number of days remaining and turn it into a drawing (not necessarily related to what's being counted down to). This would be pretty time consuming to do though.
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A cartoon bomb with lengths marked off on the fuse... erase a segment per day until ____ (boom!).
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You know those worksheet puzzles that have "26 L of the A" or "88 K on a P"?
(26 Letters of the Alphabet; 88 Keys on a Piano)
Find/think up one of those for every day of the countdown.
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On the turkey theme, draw a turkey resplendent with feathers and erase a feather each day.
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