Please recommend a top-notch immigration lawyer/law firm in Manhattan.
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Can someone recommend a good immigration lawyer/law firm in Manhattan? I need someone/practice with deep expertise in H1B and greencard applications(EB1a, EB1b, and NIW).

I received communications from my company's external law firm that there are complications with my H1B visa transfer. Basically, they dropped the ball and filed my H1B transfer application late. It seems that I am now out of status since 01Oct2010.

I believe I will eventually get the H1B. My primary concern is whether this screwup will cause me future problems when I apply for permanent residency.

Some background of my case.

I graduated in Dec 2009 and began work at company X using my F1-OPT(effective Jan2010 to Jan2011). While at X, we successfully applied for a H1B visa to be effective 01Oct2010. However I left X in August 2010 to join company Y on 01Sept2010. This change in employment was made before my H1B, originally applied with company X became effective.

After we discovered the problem, I checked with the school to see if my OPT was still in effect till Jan2011. The reply was that my OPT is automatically cancelled on 01Oct2010 when company X's H1B was scheduled to be effective. Since I no longer work for company X, for the period 01Oct2010 till now, I am effectively out of status.

Both the external and internal lawyers seem to think that my out of status period is short and it should not affect my H1B application or future green card application. When pressed, they couldn't cite a specific immigration provision that put my mind at ease.

I am looking for a second professional opinion that represents my best interest.

Please recommend a good immigration lawer/law firm in Manhattan, that can see me quickly, preferably tomorrow, Friday, or early next week. They can be expensive, but they must be top-notch!

I also appreciate comments and advice from immigration lawyers reading MeFi. Though you are not my lawyer, your advice will give me perspective.

Will this episode cause me grief in the future when I apply for my greencard?

Thanks for reading! :)
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I recommend Eugene Goldstein. People I know have used him for H1B and Visa issues and Adjustments of Status.
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Oops, meant to link to Eugene Goldstein's website:
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