V!@gra, c!@1is, Reductil?
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Is there a reliable online pharmacy that will supply sibutramine to Australians?

Abbott has recently withdrawn Reductil from the Australian market, on the basis of a clinical test that shows that it increases heart attack and stroke risk in people with predispositions to cardiovascular disease.

I want to keep using it regardless, because (a) the increased risk is caused by a common side-effect (blood pressure increase) that doesn't happen for me and (b) using sibutramine alters my whole relationship with food, putting me back in control of my eating. With it, I find I can easily sustain healthy eating patterns; without it, doing so is an endless, grinding struggle. I don't want to die from being this fat.

So, since my local GP will have been advised not to prescribe sibutramine and no Australian pharmacy will carry it, I'm looking for a reliable online source. My only previous experience with online pharmacies has been keeping their spam out of my inbox.

So: who makes reliable, clean, generic sibutramine, and will ship it to Australian customers without an Australian Rx?
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You'll need to investigate the law: is it illegal, or just unavailable? Or, is it illegal to import unavailable medications?

You could also try to get your GP to try Wellbutrin, or Wellbutrin+an SSRI. Seems like they might have similar effects.
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I believe this was a voluntary withdrawal, not a ban; AFAIK there's no legal issue.
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I can't answer the "good pharmacy" bit, but the legal side is dealt with here. I'd think you'd still need a scrip, and be willing to show that (and your order details) to Customs after the dogs start sitting down and wagging their tails.
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