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Help me put together a royal navy costume I can play ultimate in.

Going to be playing in an ultimate tournament in Hawaii in November and our team is going with the following theme, according to the cap'n:
Uniforms should be to British Royal Navy spec, and should represent her with distinction and honor. Our primary colors are ROYAL BLUE and WHITE. Any such costume should have both, but one must dominate (so you have a light and dark option).
I'd like to put together something that looks as authentic as possible, while still being possible to play in (in Hawaii) and not being ridiculously expensive since I will probably destroy it by the end of the tournament. All my google searches turn up incredibly hokey-looking stuff, so I'd like suggestions for how I might put this together. I'm terrible at DIY costumes.

Internet shopping is always good, and as far as my local options, I'm in Seattle.
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Royal Navy today, or Royal Navy way back when? And if so, way back exactly when? If way back when, you won't get much better than the uniform examples of the ">Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

They don't have any uniforms from ratings in the 20th century, but there's plenty on google images (a personal favourite). Extra British culture points for playing with a bucket on one foot.
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Response by poster: cromagnon: "Royal Navy today, or Royal Navy way back when? And if so, way back exactly when? If way back when, you won't get much better than the uniform examples of the Maritime Museum in Greenwich."

Either would be fine, I think. But my question is not so much, "What do Royal Navy uniforms look like?", but rather, "How can I replicate that look with things that I can purchase?" I don't sew, unfortunately.
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Hmm. I've actually done this for a fancy dress party once, but it didn't come out very well.

Tyvek paint suit, tied at the knee for bell bottoms, cheap white sou'wester and any old blue cloth tied round the neck would give you 20C naval ratings. Kind of sweaty for running about in, though.

Any thrift store full length coat can be cut to give the tailcoat (with some gold braid from a curtain shop, I seem to remember) and white ladies outsize capri pants for breeches. For the officer costume, your problem is that without the hat it just doesn't look naval, and you'd have to buy in the hat even if you could sew. Your example had a tricorn, which doesn't look right. You need a bicorne really.
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As a fellow ultimate player, I would
1)buy a sweet hat

2)Crotch Coverings

3)Sailor Scarf Thing (Optional)

Grass burns be damned! Full Speed Ahead!
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