Canadian Small Business Accounting Solution on a Mac
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I need an accounting solution for small business. Difficult: in Canada. More difficult: on a Mac.

I need a decent accounting solution I can run on my Mac. I just shelled out 200 bones for QuickBooks (Canada version) only to realize I stupidly bought the PC version. No problem, I thought, I'll just request a swap. Well, actually there is no Mac version for the Canadian QuickBooks!

Apparently there aren't really any other good Canadian Mac accounting solutions either. Yes, I can run Windows through Parallels or BootCamp, but then I have to install Windows. Does anyone have any other good ideas? Other accounting software for Mac (for Canadians)? A place to buy a cheap Windows XP license? Any other thoughts?

My business is two-fold: graphic and web design under one brand; photography under the other.

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What accounting things do you need to do? Double-entry bookkeeping? Invoicing and tracking payments and expenses?

If the latter, FreshBooks might be up your alley. (Disclaimer: I work there.) Especially if you also need to track billable time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it's mostly the bookkeeping and tax related stuff I need a solution for.
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accountedge is a popular accounting application for the mac, and they have a canadian version (or the regular version has support for canada).
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Whatever application you use, just make sure that your accountant (if you have one) is happy with that application -- they may be able to make suggestions. If you don't have an accountant, hire one to set up the program before you start using it.
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I run Australian Quickbooks on a Mac under Crossover which doesn't require a Windows installation or license key.
It's a little bit clunky at times, but I'm happy to put up with that as there doesn't seem to be any comparable Mac accounting package that would suit my needs, and I've got YEARS of existing data in Quickbooks I like to be able to able to access and the thought of setting up a new package makes my head hurt.
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I used accountedge a few years ago and they did something nasty - they wouldn't provide tax table updates unless you bought the $250/year "support subscription". Phooey. Talk to your accountant.
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