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[Web/HTML/Java-filter] - Trying to make menu's in CS5 Dreamweaver. Of course....

I'm trying to make a menu with drop down menus when one mouses over the button, menu item.

Its been a while since I've done web developing, and I'm wondering if anyone has any great resources to spry-menu bars.
Currently, the one I've scratched up is making menus with vertical scrolls when I'm creating submenu options.

I'm sure there is some great resources as to understanding spry menus and how they behave. This is new to me, but I'm not unfamiliar with working with code, and can probably figure this out, but I was hoping someone knows of a great over view of defining behavior for this java script. My internet googling has resulted with mixed results, as why I turn to you great folks.
Thanks hivemind, I appreciate any help in this undertaking.
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I'm not sure what a "spry menu" is, but if you are willing to hand-code some markup and javascript into your project, a good word for googling is the "suckerfish" method of doing dropdown menus. Here is an example of a simple implementation, and here's the original A List Apart article. There are also plugins for this sort of thing (like superfish for example) that work with jQuery.
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Adobe has been pushing the Spry framework for a few years now. I've nothing against it - I don't have enough knowledge of the framework to make an informed critique - but DreamWeaver makes it look like Spry is some ultra-technology, and the only option possible.

Accordian menus, which I think you are describing here, are easy: you don't even need JavaScript. (Forgive the self-link, but it's an example that I know works, at least on modern browsers). Drop-down menus can be made in pure CSS too.

If you want something with a little more dynamism and wider browser compatibility, I'd follow tjenk's suggestion and use JQuery, both for the greater support and a wider range of options. I like Yet Another JQuery Accordion Menu, as it is very simple and has minimal disturbance to markup, but there are many possibilities.
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There are a whole bunch of free menus that you can use or modify here.
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