ideas for theme baskets
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looking for ideas for themed christmas baskets/presents

I know this question was asked before (in 2003) but that was 7 years ago, and none of the answers are quite what I'm looking for.

I have three (possibly 5) baskets I'd like to put together this year, 4 for adults, one for a child. I'm thinking the adult ones are going to be harder, but obviously ideas for the child one are welcome too. I'd really like to go big this year so any theme ideas are welcome.

is the original question which themes include the 7 deadly sins and the seasons.

Thanks in advance hivemind!
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Best answer: For the child, as long as the child is old enough to not accidentally swallow small objects, I highly recommend making a goody ball rather than putting together a basket. You can make a really big one, if you're so inclined. Peeling it apart layer by layer and finding new little surprises is another gift in itself.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if this is the kind of theme you had in mind, but you could do a "bee" theme: Beeswax candles, lip balm and hand salve made from beeswax, honey candies, honey drippers (or dispensers) and a really nice honey (think Tupelo!) or raw honey in the comb. Depending on the gender you could throw in a bee pendant or brooch, or a scarf or handkerchief with a Napoleonic bee emblem pattern.
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For the adults, consumables, of course:

Beach/seaside theme: Chowder mix, salt water taffy, Christmas ornaments shaped like starfish.

Breakfast theme: Muffin mix, specialty jams, gourmet breakfast ham.

High tea: Scone mix, Empress tea leaves, silver tea ball, clotted cream.
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You know those plastic or ceramic popcorn containers that look like the old-fashioned movie ones? I see those at thrift stores about a hundred times a year. Plop one in a basket with some organic farmers' market cruelty-free-range vegan popcorn. Add some fancy seasoned salt (homemade is dead easy), some real-sugar designer soda, Milk Duds and a gift card to blockbuster (are they still in business?) or Amazon or your local cineplex. People LOVE this gift.
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Best answer: Some friends and I are putting together a "La Nina Survival Kit" basket for an upcoming auction. We're using a sled as the basket, and putting in hand warmers, board games, little bottles of booze...
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