Wither my ideal dental professional?
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Toronto Dentist Filter: Metafilter, which Toronto dentist should I visit to best deal with my particular tooth-related situation?

Fans of orthodontia may remember my previous question on AskMeFi about my tooth problems. The consensus was to seek out a second opinion, and I've decided that is very sensible advice. The question is, who do I go to?

I'm looking for a dentist who is transit accessible(preferably closer to downtown than not) and especially practical, down to earth and easy to talk to. In my search(including the previous AskMeFi questions that cover similar territory) I've seen a lot of fancy dental websites, and to be honest they scare me a bit. It seems to me that people who spend money on a website and pay downtown rental rates on their offices are probably sort of people who have a vested interest in selling me a lot of marginally useful(but expensive) dental surgery. Maybe I'm being irrational in this regard? In any case, let me know what you think, MetaFilter; my teeth will thank you.
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Anita Granowska! Right at Roncesvalles and Fern. I was in a similar position when I moved year and a half ago and I repeatedly got the same recommendation... then I went and was really, really happy I repeatedly got the same recommendation.
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I go to Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Clinic. It's right off the Pape subway station. I've been a patient there for about two years now and only have good things to say! Good luck. I truly hope you can get to the bottom of this without any unnecessary pain and expense. Dental problem are absolutely horrible.
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If you call a subway ride out to Warden then a 15 minute bus ride up Warden Ave TTC accessible, Dr Choi at 1206 Warden is your man. Gentle, a good listener, and pretty good at leaving stable things alone where other doctors would drill and fill.
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I love my dentist. I have been to her for going on 15 years. She is fair and transit-accessible. You didn't say what bias you might have with someone whose website is under construction? And I know, I know, Yorkville, so her prices must be sky-high. Not as far as I can tell. She is also a professor at U of T dentistry, so perhaps this keeps her costs reasonable (by way of having a second career.)
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You want Susan Murray at this Altima location (steps from the Bathurst subway). I have never had dental care like I've experienced with her, and I've had a *lot* of dental care. She is smart, reasonable, down-to-earth, relaxed - the whole office has to be experienced to be believed. I have a complicated set of jaws, and she's been amazing with them!

Good luck with your search!
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I go to Downtown Dental, and even though they have a fancy website and a fancy office, i've never experienced it as sales-y, and in fact, Dr Frankel explains every little thing, answers every question, and is really patient. (The office was recommended to me by a colleague who sees a different dentist there, i'm under the impression there's multiple good, approachable dentists there.)
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Also, i've found that dental fees are identical at each office i go to. I suspect they're standardized?
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I love Dr Tunde Pal. So much that I have "saved up" dental work until the time when I could fly back to Canada and get her to do it . Her office is literally across the street from St. George station and she is incredibly friendly, reassuring and good at her job.
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Seconding Danforth Neighbourhood Dental. My husband took all his dental woes there and loves them. He uses words like "gentle" and "pain free' and "so nice." This is not a man who was looking forward to having his teeth dealt with.
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