Mid-Century Eames Feet
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I am refurbishing a Herman Miller molded fiberglass chair and need some replacement feet. Where can I get these or an acceptable replacement? I know about Hume Modern but don't know which, if any, of the feet they offer will work for this chair. And how do I remove the broken ones?
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I'd get some Polycaprolactone (aka Shapelock or Instamorph, although the generic stuff is often cheaper, e.g. via eBay) and make them myself, assuming there's an intact one that you can use as a mould. PCL comes as little beads. You drop a handful into some hot (not quite boiling) water, wait a few seconds, and hey presto! you have something a bit like transparent modelling clay that you can use with a mould, or just shape by hand. When it sets, it's a white, slightly translucent plastic that is tough like nylon. I generally use one batch to make a mould, grease it, then use a second batch to fill the mould. It's versatile stuff.
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Have you tried Design Within Reach? They may be able to help.
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Have you tried looking here? We were able to find replacement feet for our Heywoodite chairs through them.
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These frequently show up on eBay. As to removal, they unscrew. Grab the plastic part with needle nose pliers and they should twist right out.
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