You give me a recipe and make me a Puff Daddy?
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I bought a box of frozen puff pastry. I live alone. Please help me make it into delcious meals for one, preferably with leftovers I can bring for lunch the next day (so, serves 4 might be ok). Savory and sweet. (I'm already hoping an apple thing, and maybe an apples/walnuts/cheese thing)

Recipes with amounts preferred so I don't drown or over dry my precious pastry, but not absolutely required. So. What do you do with puff pastry?

I'm an opportunivore, but working in an office I'd prefer not to bring fishy leftovers into our microwave.

Vegetarian options are fine, and I can make a pretty ok cream sauce, just not sure if it has a place in puff pastry.

(also, if you just toss 'regular' sandwich ingredients into your puff pastry, can you give me and idea of what those 'regular' ingredients are, and how long you cook them?)

I did google this, on an iPhone. Google gave me lots of pillsbury sponsored sites. And they were too hard for me to navigate on the phone.
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Curry Chicken Pot Pie!
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Filo/Fila dough? I like Spinkia Peta (aka Spinich Peta), and also make a pita with ground beef, onion, and pepper. You can also make one using eggs and cheese with some salt on the top. I cook mine in a very old round metal dish.
And you did see right?
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I made this last night, and it was delicious. I think you could sub in most veggies for the swiss chard.

Oh man, and here's something I've wanted to try for a while: Orangette's Tarte Tatin

I bet you could make a one person ersatz tarte tatin by following the first two paragraphs there, and then putting three or four apple quarters, with the delicious caramel, on a five-inch square piece of puff pastry. Squish together the seams and cook.
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I make a delicious filling (seasoned ground meat, a thick chocolate sauce, fruit, or whatever sounds good/is handy), cut and fold the pastry over the filling (imagine triangular ravioli), press the sides to form a seal, then bake.

I have an actual recipe somewhere, but can't find at hand. Mefimail me if you want the URL.
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I've made these before to take to work, and they were lovely.

I don't see why you couldn't make something similar to this (tiny puff pastry tarts made in cupcake tins), then fill it with a mixture of gruyere and walnuts with a slice of apple on top?
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This Mediterranean chicken was great. I even skipped marinading the chicken and it turned out fine.
Another savory turnover filling I like is:
cut-up leftover cooked chicken or turkey
small yellow onion, diced
one can of creamed corn
cinnamon, hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste
That makes a lot of turnovers for one person, but it freezes pretty well.
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I've made these salmon turnovers before and they were pretty good. Make sure to get boneless salmon, though, or you're going to be picking them out of your teeth (and throat, and...).
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My favourite filling is little beef parcels.

Cook down ground beef with some stock to keep it moist and saucy, a little marmite or worcester sauce depending on your tastes (I can vouch for the marmite), a little mustard, some herbs.

My god these are so so lovely. I'm making them this week consarnit.
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PS they're great hot but they're just as good cold, you will get serious lunch envy if you take these babies to work.
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Puff pastry parcels of anything are a great, tasty, portable snack. I bought a pie maker when i was a puff pastry newbie, and still use it extremely often. It's similar to a sandwich press, and you get pies in just a few minutes.

I fill mine with : extra shepherds pie mince, extra bolognese sauce, roast chicken leftovers sauteed with some frozen/fresh veg, tuna with cheese, leftover sauteed onions from barbecues, apple sauce left from pork roasts, leftiver roast veg with fetta... And pretty much anything that'd go in a sandwich! Essentially, I spoon anything leftover vie cooked and make it into a pastry parcel.

Bonus - I tend to make lots of pies and freeze them, then a combo of nuking + toaster oven brings them back to hot buttery life again.

Mmm. Pastry.
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For an "apple thing" (e.g. a tarte tatin), I made this recipe over the weekend and it came out fantastic. It's pretty open-ended, so you may want to scale it down for your personal use.
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I love love love these spinach kale turnovers, and they're fabulous cold for the next few days. The recipe calls for canned "roll dough," but I always make it with puff pastry. It makes about 16 if you cut each sheet of puff pastry into quarters and then roll them a bit (I fold them a couple times when rolling to give them a little structural integrity, since they usually come out of the freezer pretty brittle). I usually leave out the nutmeg.
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Apple pie (my favourite is apple, pear and cherry pie with a bit of chocolate under the crust, served with proper vanilla ice cream).
Beef/salmon wellington.
Cheese twists.
Camembert and leek tart.
Tarte tatin.

Puff pastry does not always keep well or reheat well, especially in a microwave.
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Apples sauteed in butter + Brie + Walnuts
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This Pistachio-Pear Strudel sounds really good to me, but I haven't made it yet. And Nigella Lawson has a recipe for Om Ali, a kind of Egyptian bread pudding made with phyllo. Leeks wrapped in phyllo are really good too--you cook the leeks until a bit soft, season them, wrap the phyllo around them, brush with butter, and brown the whole thing in the oven.
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My wife wants to try this recipe, looks good and is a bit healthier than the fried ones.

A big thumbs up for the curry pot pie mentioned above, I make that whenever we have leftover chicken and it never fails to impress.

For a quick desert, I cut a sheet into a circle (use a small plate), use a fork to dimple the center so it doesn't inflate as much, lay out slices of apple and sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon. I forget how long I bake it for, check the pastry package. Probably 350F for 20-30min. Long enough to make the apple tender but not too long to burn the pastry.

I think this came from Alton Brown too.
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We put cooked ground beef and made little pockets. TIP: use a fork to seal the pocket, the little ridges around the edges give it that professional look.

Also cut a hot dog in half and wrap it with the pastry sheet (leaving both ends of the hot dog half exposed), those were also a hit at our party. Just defrost the hot dogs and bake everything in one shot in the oven.
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Uhm, why are people suggesting recipes that use filo pastry?!
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Easy as tart
substitute any fruit you would like for the apples, such as fresh figs if you can get them, mmmm

Alsatian Onion Tart (Joe Pastry by the way has many other pastry related indulgences, a top cooking site)

I have been meaning to try this Bean Brulee Tart which looks pretty healthy for a tart. It could be adapted to use puff pastry in tartlets.

If these don't float your boat I am sure you will find something interesting at La Tartine.

I would gravitate toward the easy recipes with your pre-made dough. Most do not use real butter, or not all real butter, and thus have less flavor than a dough you would make yourself. However, they are simple, and still quite good, Rather than suffer their limitations in a complex creation it would seem better to celebrate their advantages in quick and easy tarts.
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