Is there a 'Football Weekly' for American football?
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Does something like the Guardian's 'Football Weekly' podcast exist for American football?

I'm an avid listener of the Guardian's Football Weekly podcast covering the big European football (soccer, for you Americans) leagues. In recent years I also became a big fan of (American) football, mainly the NFL, but also college football to some extent, and I'm looking for a good podcast to listen to during the week before game days.

In a perfect world it would be just like Football Weekly, 3-5 pundits discussing the previous game day, giving an outlook on the upcoming games, covering things happening in the NFL in general and occasionally talking about a certain team or player. Bonus if there's also a minor section on things happening in college football and if it's all done in a witty style. Frequency should be weekly, duration about 1-1,5 hours.
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It's not a podcast, but the wittiest person in the mainstream media with a weekly bit about the NFL has to be Mike Tanier. Don't let the domain fool you:
Correll Buckhalter and Laurence Maroney combined to rush for 8 yards on 17 carries last week. That’s 16.9 inches per carry, meaning Broncos running backs traveled across a monitor screen on a typical handoff. In fairness, the continental drift (1.99 inches per year) was working against them for half the game and may have slowed them a bit. Buckhalter caught the game-winning touchdown pass, so at least he made a contribution. Maroney is working his way out of the league; the statistics show it will take him a while.
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Tanier is great. You could also check out Bill Simmons podcasts at ESPN. He usually does one a week that is NFL centric during the season.
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Tanier's real home is Football Outsiders - all of their writers are great. The have a CFB column as well. The only CFB podcast I know is the EDSBS guys & gals - who are great but really its more of a comedy thing then anything else. Also very SEC heavy.
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Oh and if you enjoy Zonal Marking and the Guardian's own strategy columns then Smart Football is a must.
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ESPN's Mike and Mike do a "Monday Morning Quarterback" recap segment every week. Their radio show is chunked into several podcast files, but the Monday Morning QB is often its own "episode".
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NFL Rants and Raves is run by two regular guys in California who are just plain nuts for the game. Steven and Jeff have great perspectives and are very knowledgeable--without the pretense of the network know-it-alls.

Each week they review the previous week's games in one show and then preview the upcoming games in another. Each show is 2 hours or more, so they can eat up a lot of commute time. They're very competitive with each other on their picks (and their picks are right up there with all the network talking heads in terms of accuracy). They tend to digress a fair bit, into anecdotes about their kids, movies, whatever. That may be off-putting at first, but eventually it just enhances the feeling that you're listening to a couple of real fans. And make no mistake, they know the league, the players, and how to break down a game.

Special note because you're in Europe: Steve and Jeff have somehow built quite a following in the UK, and they appear on Sky Sports on game days, previewing the contests that the network airs. They also travel to the UK annually for the game played at Wembley.

Highly recommended!
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Thanks everyone for your answers, some great new resources! I'll check out the podcasts, a combo of these might be just right.
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It's been almost a month since my question and I'd like to thank you guys again, especially alb and dust of the stars, Monday Morning Quarterback is now my weekly recap reading and NFL Rants & Raves my podcast of choice, these 2 guys are like the Jordan, Jesse, Go of football talk which I enjoy very much.
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