Best Modern Art in Los Angeles?
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What is the most relevatory, shocking, mindblowing modern art gallery or installation or museum in Los Angeles?

I'm interested in finding the best place in LA to be overwhelmed by modern art. Preferably something one could bring a 9 year old child to. For example, Cloud Gate in Chicago, or the Tate Modern in London.
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The Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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Best answer: OK, that's a little brief. The MJT is really a single installation; it's absolutely unique and certainly overwhelming (mindblowing, revelatory, whatever).

For an actual "art museum" experience, the place to start would be the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA. Then you want to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art across from Disney Hall.
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The Museum of Tolerance is the most mind blowing museum I've ever been to and it's in or near L.A. It is not a gallery though.
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I wouldn't take a 9 year old to the Museum of Tolerance.
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The Museum of Tolerance isn't really modern art (except in the broadest possible sense).
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Best answer: Do you expect the 9 year old mind to be blown? Or do you want to be thrilled and have the 9 year old in tow?

MOCA has a biggish collection of Pop Art which kids usually like.

City Kids recommends Santa Monica Museum of Art.
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I like the Norton Simon a lot, and I think it would be better for younger kids because it's a bit smaller, and young kids attention can wander. There's also a nice outdoor area where they can run around and blow off a little steam/boredom.

There's also the California Science Center. It's not modern art, but the instillations could be pretty cool for a 9-year-old.
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2nding willnot in recommending Norton Simon as a museum in general - but not as a modern art museum. There are four main wings representing different time periods, with 14-16th century, 17-18th, 19th, and then a modern/contemporary wing. The modern wing is good, though, just not the focus of the museum.

Also, the audio guide at Norton Simon is fantastic.
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I had a blast with my nephew at the California Science Center. I think an exhibit on Mummies is there now.
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Los Angeles Country Museum of Art has a huge collection of great stuff
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