If I gave her a plant I'd just have to water it myself.
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What do I get my boss for Boss's Day?

Yes, I know it's a greeting card company holiday and yes I know Emily Post says that you shouldn't get your boss a gift unless it's from a group. But I really like my boss and lately she has been even more supportive than usual, so I'd like to show my appreciation.

I don't really know much about her hobbies, beyond the fact that she likes golf. She's in her early 50s but seems younger. She's also well off, and I am broke, so I'm looking for something like a heartfelt token.

Previous gifts I have given her: A scarf I knitted (which she wears often), a picture frame with a photo of her sons in it, baked goods.

I wish I had time to make her something, but I'm swamped in handicrafts already. So does anyone have any ideas for an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift?

No plants!
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If you bake, bake a cake. That way, you can bring it in and have some celebratory cake-eating in your boss' honor, because she's such a great boss. That way, she'll know you appreciate her, your coworkers can appreciate her, and you can avoid the awkwardness of gifting something to your superior.

Or an arrangement of cut flowers (not a plant) because they prettify the office. I think what you want to go for here is drawing attention to your boss for being awesome.

But I would go with cake. (I like cake.)
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Get her a session to at the local driving range. Golfers always need to practice.
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You can always get away with something cheaper if it's more fitted to her needs. And a combination of a couple of things is always good -- a funny magnet or a little edible treat can both add to and diffuse the seriousness of a heartfelt note without taking away from the sentiment behind it.

A couple Christmases ago I got my boss one of these with a heartfelt card and a small box of fancy local truffles. I knew she went to the gym after work every day, and was always poking me like a mom to drink more water, so I thought it would be nice.
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I would go non-traditional and edible and make her amusing custom M&Ms. Everyone likes M&Ms!
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Get her a gift certificate to the local spa (massage and manicure)or(manicure an pedicure). After working with 100 other teachers for 30 years - I never saw a woman dissapointed because she received this gft
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Folks, I think your definition of broke is different than mine. I'm not going to go without gas in my car or food in my stomach over this.

But I should have specified at the start - $20 or less, please.

phunniemee, I was already going to bring in a cake for all of the bosses (I do occasional admin work for a couple of the other managers) but the flowers thing is nice. I think I might have done that the year before last, but eh. It's better than just a card. And I used to work at a florist, so I can do it myself on the cheap. Thanks!
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Hand written thank you note. As a boss, let me tell you, these mean a hell of a lot more than any token gift.
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I agree that a thank you note would be very appropriate and quite nice.

If you want a traditional gift, how about a handmade wooden pen?
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As a boss, the whole idea of this makes me cringe. Nthing the handwritten note idea - I definitely want to know when I'm doing something that makes valued employees *feel* valued.
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Interesting. Thanks for the input, bosses. I think I'll go with the handwritten note and a cake for the office, and save the flowers for her birthday (which is in three weeks).
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For former bosses when I'm just stopping through town and might or might not catch them, I've gone note + bottle of wine. For my current boss, I'd be weirded out by gifting him something (but might take him out for a beer).

I'm actually leaving my current company this week, so I might grandfather Current Boss into the "former boss" category and leave him a small gift upon my departure - he'll be out of town for my last day, and it's been a good 2 years.

But nthing the No Specific Boss Day Gifts thing. The cake sounds ok though.
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Well I'm glad I didn't bring her flowers! She took the day off at the last minute.
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