Source for a blank bamboo wall scroll/hanging?
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Does anybody have any idea where I may be able to purchase a blank bamboo scroll/wall hanging? My friend does Ukiyo-e style art, and I have a small collection of these hangings with ukiyo-e style art on it. I suggested he make one and I'd buy it, but ... I have no clue where to get a blank hanging.

Most scrolls/hangings I find when googling are silk, and not the bamboo ones. Picture bamboo shades, it's like that, small slats of bamboo.

It kind of looks like this but much fatter slats, and the whole thing is narrower than that picture, and a little taller/longer.

Any leads?
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This exchange seems to imply that they're pretty hard to find. I did find some nice rice paper ones, though.

Could you buy something like this and do it on the back, or would that be a bit rude?
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I Googled 'blank calligraphy scrolls' and came up with some promising leads. Also look through Amazon's offerings. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I suppose one could paint on the back - a little tacky, but, the other options (both from the links here, and the stuff I've found) aren't quite right. I guess they may work, since they do match the overall style, but it would be nice to have it painted on the slats themselves, not on paper. I appreciate any further comments, and will ponder these as options. Thanks for the suggestions so far :)
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Response by poster: This appears to be what I'm kinda looking for (without the art). Rattan Scroll, perhaps... One more lead, in case anyone else is looking...
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This may be a long shot, but do you have an IKEA near you? A while back I bought four bamboo/rattan place-mats that are bound with red cloth sewn around the edges. It may be possible to partially disassemble a couple to make a scroll of the proper size. I searched the IKEA site and came up with two similar mats here and here.
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