Gadgets in Manhattan?
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Where in Manhattan should I go to look at and possibly buy gadgets, electronics, and computery type stuff that would be hard to buy (excluding online) anywhere else?
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B & H?
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AC Gears!
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pre-N'thing B&H.

(pre-n'thing is the mefi equivalent of preempting)
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They take up an entire city block, just south of City Hall.
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B & H ftw!
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located at 445 (39th st) 5th Avenue.

This place definitely should be on the list after B&H and J&R if you need a part/piece and can't wait to order online and ship.
I had a PC project and a quick jump on the bus on a Sunday morning kept me from leaving my work area a mess with parts strewn all over the place waiting for a mid week shipment from New Egg or Tiger Direct.
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There is good ole Cables and Chips, 121 Fulton Wall St. Area, as the name implies great for cables if you lost your proprietary firewire to USB or 10 year old SCSI 1 cable.
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If you decide to go to B&H -- and I would recommend it -- keep in mind that the store closes during Jewish holidays, so don't plan on a Saturday visit and make sure a more obscure Jewish observance isn't ongoing before you head out.
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I like Madison Computers near 32nd street and Madison Ave.
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