I need a name for my website!!
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What would be a catchy domain name for a website that shows off and sells my artwork?

I do pencil drawings (mostly black and white but sepia and color as well). I am trying to promote my artwork and hopefully make a little cash in the process. I need a catchy domain name but all the ones I come up with are either lame or boring. My name is Paige, but it doesn't necesarily need to be a part of the domain name. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
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Home Paige
Creative Paiges

Hmm. You do mostly sketches, so...

Pencil Pusher

or something along those lines.
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See what JabberWordy suggests.
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It might be helpful if the name could reflect something essential about your work: Subjects? Style? Themes? Influences?
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Can you show us a few pieces you're particularly proud of? We're going on less than you are right now.
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This is a really dumb idea, but when I need to think of phrases like that (whether it's domain names, usernames, whatever) I like to use this neat little phrase generator. Choose an uncommon adjective followed by a somewhat uncommon noun, and the results are sure to delight. Some of the things I got:

Impassable Sureness
Unshared Playbill
Hunky Cleanup
Unabsorbed Shogun
Discerning Briquet
Irruptive Burg
Splittable Hairdressing

Sure, they're nonsense, and they have nothing to do with art. But I think they're absolutely charming, and it's what I would do. Then again, I'm slightly nuts (in a really charming way!) I mean, a place named "Unabsorbed Shogun" would certainly stick out!
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well, if you want to get all literal etc, a friend of mine is picking up some extra gidas with his site, iwanttodrawacatforyou.com
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Could you link some of your artwork to inspire the Brain, please.
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Honestly, I think firstnamelastname.com is always the best for an artist's website.
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