Where can I find good pants?
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Who makes pants that can take a beating and still be comfortable? I have a few specific requirements....

I'm really hard on pants. Generally I go for rip-stop cotton as a material since it seems to be the best of both worlds in strength and comfort, especially given the weather here in the desert. I'm looking for pants that have a crotch gusset, articulated knees and cargo pocket(s). I've tried most of the usual suspects like North Face Crag pants and Patagonia Jackalope pants. While both are nice they fail for either not having cargo pockets or being made from all nylon. I really like the Tadgear Force 10 pants, big pockets, no velcro and extremely comfortable but they don't seem to keep any kind of inventory.

Any recommendations? Cost isn't the main factor.
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My husband swears by stuff from the Duluth Trading Company, especially their firehose pants. They have the, er, crotch gusset and roomy pockets (this particular style doesn't have the cargo pockets, but others do, as well as the special knees). He's a programmer by day but does a lot of remodeling and yard work around our house, as well as rock climbing, and these hold up very well for him.
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The toughest pair of pants I ever owned are made of codura by Prana, who specialise in mountain climbing clothing. I've had them for about 6 years now and they haven't ripped or torn or gotten worn out in any way. And since they are made of cordura they dry quickly and are much lighter than cotton. I'm not sure if this pair is the same thing, as mine don't have any cotton in them at all. They are also really hard to get dirty, with most stuff brushing off.

Oh, prana also does a cool V (gusseted?) crotch that feels real nice.
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Cool Tools seconds the Duluth recommendation.
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I'm a part time ski area employee, and we all live in Carhartt and Filson clothing. Both companies make bomber clothing for times when durability matters.
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army surplus?
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I second the Carhartt recommendation. All my stuff from them seems indestructible.
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Seconding the Army surplus suggestion.

I wear black Army BDU pants. Usually can be found comfortably in your size, and are durable to boot. I've only had one pair die on me, and that was still after 3 years of use. They also come in green and navy, as well as a zillion different camo patterns.

I recommend getting the rip-stop fabric if you're going to do more than pose at the local punk/goth club with them.
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I also agree with the Carhartt folks, but I have to say that, being a vendor to and friends with the TAD Gear guys (they are really nice and helpful) give them a shot too, especially if you are in the area.
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I could be the poster child for Carhartt. I've been wearing their cotton duck work pants for years. They only last me about one year, but I'm the bane of work clothes. So they're not the toughest, but the reason I like them so much is that they breathe so well in hot weather (way better than jeans), especially when they get worn in. I think it's the way they're woven, the air just moves right through. Ahhhhhhh.

Grammicci also makes (in the U.S.A) tough, gussetted pants. They're more styley--and expensive.
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