MP3 to YouTube Conversion?
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MP3 to YouTube/Vimeo?

I have 25 MP3s I need to convert into videos with a single static image displaying which will then be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. What's the easiest way to do this for free on a mac? I also have access to a PC if necessary.
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imovie on mac, windows movie maker on windows. Both come with the OS, I believe.
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Response by poster: Is there something that would automate the process?
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Best answer: Possibly a bit of effort to set up the first time on a Mac, but worth it in the end if you have a bunch of things to do. Use ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -loop_input -t 110 -i foo.gif -i Cisco\ Networks-Peter\ Packet\ Theme.mp3 -acodec copy -r 1 foo.avi

There's a ffmpegX package for OS X that has ffmpeg pre-built, you just have to extract the actual command line program from the package.

the '-t #' needs to be the total length in seconds of the mp3, else it will keep looping. '-r 1' forces the output to be 1 frame per second.

Basically: take 'foo.gif' and 'foo.mp3' and loop them for ## seconds and output them as an .avi at 1 fps, just copying the audio instead of re-encoding it.

This is what that got me (YT)
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