Need GPS in San Francisco
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I lost my GPS in San Francisco, where's the best place to get a cheap replacement? I'm currently a bit west of Union Square. I'm just planning on going to a Radio Shack on Market Street as I head towards the Embarcadero today but if any of you mefites have better suggestions please let me know.
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Best answer: I'd go to Best Buy at 13th and Harrison, but that can be awkward to get to via public transportation. There's also a Best Buy out on Geary. Both have parking if you have a car.
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Try Central Computer on Howard between 4th and 5th (just West of Moscone Center complex). Would likely best Radio Shack's prices.
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I've been surprised to see a wide range of Garmins for sale, cheaply, at Walgreens. Also consider Costco (not sure of SF branches).
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I live in San Francisco.

I've had very little experience with Central Computers, but it's all been positive.

Costco is at 450 10th Street, between Harrison and Bryant.

I don't drive much and don't own a GPS device that does navigation, so I'm afraid I can't help you much beyond that. Good luck!
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You can find GPS units at REI at 6th & Brannan (840 Brannan St).

Public transit directions from Stockton & Bush in Union Square.
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I would be surprised if Central Computer had a GPS unit, unless it's a one-time unbranded special from a Chinese factory. I'd go to CostCo if I had a membership. They always have one or two kinds of GPS near the entrance by the cameras.
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