If my outlook 2007 exchange mailbox is full, will it continue to send my out of office message?
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If my outlook 2007 exchange mailbox is full, will it continue to send my out of office message? I'd like to advise people when I return from my break rather than just have them read my bounced mail delivery failure messages.
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I don't use Office, but an alternative would be to allow Gmail to empty your mailbox and auto-respond for you... so you'll have 7Gb grace period (which would be roughly equivalent to what; 4 years of emails?) before your senders get a "User has filled his quota" bounce mail.

Only takes 2 minutes to set it up...
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It'll depend on the mailbox policy set by your Exchange Administrator. You can set a full mailbox to continue to allow sending or cut off access. This is controlled on the server, not in your Outlook client, so only your mailbox admin can really answer this question definitively.

Emptying your work mail into a third party account is an excellent way to get fired at most companies. Just going to throw that out there.
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Every company I've ever worked at had the system set up so that when your mailbox filled up, you stopped receiving any more email and your out of office stopped being sent.

There are two ways to mitigate this.

1. Clear down your inbox of big files (move them into a pst) before you go and pray.
2. Do (1) but also set up an out of office rule that deletes any email over, say 5MB and then sends the recipient an email telling them what has happened. Once you get home, comb through the sent mail asking for people to re-send you the big ones again.

Forwarding your email to gmail would be grounds for instant dismissal. So don't do that.
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I forgot:

3. Ask your IT helpdesk for a temporary quota increase to mitigate for this problem. It helps if you negotiate a day when it'll be removed. I recommend 2 days after you are back in the office.

You could combine 1 and 3 for the simplest solution.
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