The Devil Sells Prada Eyeglasses
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I think the optician who sold us glasses today played a devil in a 90s movie but he won't admit to it. How can I figure out if I'm right if I don't know his name?

Actually, I'm not 100% sure he played a devil. Maybe he was something else. My husband thinks he was in a serious roll on some crime fighting show but I think I'm closer to the mark with my suspicion. Not that I can even remember anything about the movie I feel like I remember him from. It just sits somewhere in the haze of movies from my childhood that floats around in my brain.

When I told him he looked very familiar and that I'm sure I know him from somewhere he said, "oh, geez... About one in every 250 customers..." and looked down and sort of bashful, like you'd expect a guy who played the devil in a 90s movie would look when he's been identified. BUT THEN, he changed his tune and said really quickly, "I think I just have a familiar face. Or a double somewhere." Then he changed the subject.

Very suspicious! So, ignoring my manners, I changed the subject back and asked him if he'd perhaps done some acting. He said no but he got all bashful looking again and said the last person who thought he looked familiar thought he was a singer. I guess I just think that if somebody thinks you looks familiar, they might try to figure out if maybe they DO know you from somewhere, not just straight off say, "No, I have a double," and change the subject, if otherwise the conversation had been very friendly. I'm being crazy, aren't I?

This would be an easy quest, had I gotten the gentleman's name. But, I didn't. So, is there a way to figure this out without getting his name? Is there some weird database of men who played devils in 90s movies? Is there a good way to search for this on IMDB? My searching was fruitless. Beyond calling and getting his name, how can I figure this one out?
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It seems that the only way to find out if it was him is to get him name and search online. The information provided in your post isn't really sufficient for us to help in determining who it is or if it was him.
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Go back when you pick up your contacts or glasses and pick up a business card. They always have then laying around. then google and find out. Without a picture or area or name or anything this is going nowhere.
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Where did you buy the glasses? Do they have a website? Maybe there's a pic of him on it and we can check this guy out.
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Having worked retail for a number of years, I can tell you that 1 in about every 250 customers are likely to tell you you look just like someone they know, or recognize you from somewhere, or it's on the tip of their brain or tongue or whatever. Hate to be a bummer because your question is so earnest, but even if the dude was a devil in some movie you fell asleep to years ago, he was obviously not wanting to own up to it—you asked him twice and he denied it twice and the polite thing to do at that point is let it go.


Re-watch every single movie you've ever seen, or think you've seen, a devil in.
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The business card I picked up didn't have his name and unfortunately today was the day we picked up the glasses so we don't have much reason to go back. The website didn't list the opticians. I know that I can just go back in and ask him or a co-worker his name, but I was wondering if there was a way around it. But it's not looking like there is! Ah, well.
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Maybe you recognize him from something non-Hollywood, like he was in the news in the 90s for killing someone, or he was once romantically linked with a male Republican senator, and for some other reason he's semi-famous but he'd rather you didn't realize exactly why you recognize him.

Or maybe you used to see him every time you went into your favorite coffee shop in the 90s, and so he looks familiar but you can't place him. Or maybe he really does have a double somewhere.

My experience is when someone does look like a specific movie or TV actor, they know who that actor is, because others have said it to them. Like I saw this guy in the coffee shop the other day and I couldn't help myself and said, "you look like some actor - who is it!?" and he was all, "Jake Gyllenhal." and I was all, "OH MY GOD, TOTALLY!!" and for the record he also blushed and looked shy, although he was decidedly not Jake Gyllenhal.
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Call up and ask if you can have a copy of the prescription to order an extra pair of eyeglasses online, perhaps?
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I think calling to get a copy of the prescription order is a good idea and if diablo óptico is the same optician who did your glasses you could call and ask for a itemized receipt you need to submit for insurance reimbursement.

I checked to see if opticians are a licensed profession in PA but unfortunately they are not so no names that way.
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Call and ask his name. Say it is for a thank you note. Old fashioned, perhaps, but should work. Use any other social engineering excuse you can think up, but do follow through later.

There's also a chance he took a stage name.

I'd ride the mystery and wonder out.
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You could also do google searches like:

The devil 1996 -2009 -2008

And so on. Just plug in different years, synonyms for devil, and subtract the past decade just to be safe.
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My husband thinks he was in a serious roll on some crime fighting show

What if it was America's Most Wanted and he was featured as some kind of stalker or escaped felon? Worse yet your husband could have been watching To Catch a Predator. You might not want to go digging around like that, it get freaky.

Seriously though, all you need to do is call the store and they'll tell you. You don't need to make up an elaborate ruse.
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You could also dress up in a full devil costume when you go to pick up your contacts, and wink at him, and see if he reacts with a guilty facial expression like he knows you know about his devil history.
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Oops, missed that you got the glasses already. Still, I think that will make your point even better if you go when you don't even have another reason to.
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Could he have perhaps looked like Garry Marshall? He played a person dressed up like The Devil in "Hocus Pocus".
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I'd say 1 in 10 people my husband meets tells him he looks like Ryan Reynolds.

Sometimes it starts out with "You look really familiar." But they always end up either saying Van Wilder or Ryan Reynolds.
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I'm here to second the answer you marked "best." I come into contact with hundreds of people in my job and dozens of people tell me I remind them of someone famous or friend every year. It just happens.

But if you want to leave a mark on him, Ashley801 has got the perfect solution. What an idea!
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The guy already made it clear that he doesn't want to talk about it. Figure it out on your own if it's really bothering you, but harassing him at work? That's not cool.
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sometimes your optician is just your optician.

you clearly have never had a doppleganger yourself, but when I still lived in San Francisco it actually got sort of annoying to constantly be confused for someone else...actually, two different someone a local stage actress, and one a woman who lived in the same part of town (we frequented the same cafe and the owner always commented I'd just missed my twin...) and eventually (the horror, the horror) even shared a gynecologist whose nurse kept confusing us when it came time to make follow-up appointments. anyway, it got old, and if this optician really does look like an actor of some note, he's probably heard it a million times before....

(and, if he actually is the actor in question, and his dreams of stardom were crushed and he was forced to fall back on the less glamorous career of an optician, well, I'm sure you can see why he wouldn't want to wax nostalgic.)
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Did he look like Al Pacino?
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(and, if he actually is the actor in question, and his dreams of stardom were crushed and he was forced to fall back on the less glamorous career of an optician, well, I'm sure you can see why he wouldn't want to wax nostalgic.) --Squasha

This part. Yes. You're right.

Anyway, thank you everybody. Though I didn't actually get anywhere with this, I appreciate the suggestions.
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