Can I use my iPad to record both my voice and midi instruments?
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Can I record my voice plus midi instruments on my iPad?

I just got an iPad and it's fun and I love it. Now here's what I want to do:

I write songs. Currently I use Ableton (I have PCs; am not a Mac person) to first record myself singing a track. Then I accompany my voice by recording midi tracks using the ableton presets in the library (including drums).

Now that I have the iPad I'd like to first record my voice, and of course there are many apps that will let me do this. Then I want to take the iPad with me here and there (e.g. the library, where I can concentrate) and write my midi tracks. Certainly there are loads of fun-seeming apps that emulate synthesizers and all kinds of instruments, but what I haven't been able to find is a way to combine these two operations.

Is that because nothing like this (that is, an app that is, I'm led to believe, like Garageband) exists yet?

Is there any way I can cobble together a few apps to do what I want? and in the absence of multitasking?

(by the way I've searched a number of forums before asking this question here - maybe if you don't know the answer you could point me to forums where this sort of thing is discussed?)

Thank you.
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While I can think of one ipad synth app that supports live sampling, I don't know of any that support outputing recordings in MIDI format.
There is an external MIDI interface/app combo that has been released, but it looks like it just supports a very basic recording/playback for external instruments.
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I bought the ProKeys app that you mentioned, nomisxid, and it's fantastic. It's just what I wanted: I can record my voice and then I can record their synth sounds and drum sounds. Perfect for the kinds of songs I do! Thank you so much.
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