Batch PDF to Kindle conversion?
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What's the easiest way to batch convert PDF files to the Kindle format on a Mac?

I have hundreds of books in PDF format on my computer and I've recently ordered a Kindle eReader. I can convert each file individually easily enough but it would be time consuming. Is there any free software or websites for the mac that will allow me to convert multiple PDF files at once into the Kindle format?
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My suggestion is ebook-converter extraordinaire calibre. It's what I've used in the past to convert between various formats, though I just have a ye olde second-hand Sony Reader.

But, it does convert to MOBI, though converting from PDF to anything but PDF can mean some issues with graphics, etc. A search of "kindle calibre" will probably provide you with endless help as well.
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Kindle can read PDF natively, so you don't have to convert your books if you don't want to.
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As someone pointed out in my kindle question earlier this week, many PDFs are less than perfectly comfortable to read on the kindle because of small font sizes. So far my Calibre PDF-to-MOBI conversions have been acceptable, with one weirdo that had the initial graphics upside down.
So far it seems that most books are too small, but kids/YT are fine. Calibre does batch conversion very nicely, just use the format view to show only PDF, select all, set it running and come back later, all done.
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I got my new kindle two days ago and my suggestion would be to wait till you get it. Convert one or two to .mobi using Caliber and see how it looks. My experience so far has been that OCRed high quality PDFs without many images/equations look ok but most others don't. But then I knew the smaller kindle wasn't really meant to be a pdf reader.
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I think if your PDFs are text (ie. they can be copy and pasted) and in one column then it'll be fine when converted. Things might start to go weird if there are pictures and different sized fonts involved.
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