What can we make out of a wrecked cake ?
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What can we make out of a wrecked cake ?

Betty Crocker Fun-fetti cake for our son's 4th birthday wouldn't come out of the pan, and is now in big chunks. Is there anything we can make out of it, any recipes for wrecked cake, or do we just chuck it ?
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Crumble it and serve it over ice cream.
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Trifle or parfaits! Layer with your favorite pudding, add fruit if you'd like. Vanilla pudding, banana or chocolate with berries. Yum. Top with whipped cream.
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Oh! You can make a dirt cake with it-google, but basically you use crushed ores to make the top of the above confection look like dirt, add some gummy worms and a plastic shovel. 4 year olds love this.
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Best answer: Cake pops! Or, if you're less ambitious, cake balls!
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Best answer: Cake balls! Roll them in sprinkles while the chocolate coating's warm to match the fun-fetti. Fun to make and delicious.
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Best answer: Nthing Bakerella's Cake Pops/Balls!!!
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birthday cake ice cream shakes. you might want to run it through the food processor first. then just milk and icecream, some of the crumbles on top, maybe some whipped cream. you'd be the talk of the preschool with a birthday treat like that, i'd think.
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Response by poster: all good ideas...thanks a ton, askme ! you guys rock ! please keep 'em coming !
already promised a star-shaped cake (sheriff's badge) so the dirt cake is out (even though we LOVE it)...can it be frozen to use for dirt cake and/or parfaits at a later time ? we will have a heck of a lot after trimming the cakes that are coming out right....
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As long as it's not frosted, cake freezes fairly well. Keep it in a tightly sealed Tupperware and it's good for a week or so.
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One of my absolute best and favorite memories from when I was a kid:

My mother often made bundt cakes (the kind where you have to flip them out of the pan). Once, when I was around 4 or 5, the bundt cake didn't come out nicely -- only about the bottom half of the cake came out, and the top came out in chunks that she sort of tried to arrange on top.

She decided, that since it looked a mess anyway, we could just eat the thing with our faces. No cutting, no plates, no forks, no hands, just face to cake. I have very few memories from my childhood, but I will never, ever forget that, and how completely and utterly fabulous it was.
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Get a bowl or dish (preferably square and wide) and put all the cake bits in it, then squash them flat with a big spoon, put a layer if icing or caramel on top, slice into squarish chunks and eat.
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My mom loves to tell the story about the best cake she ever had. Her grandmother dropped her birthday cake and glued all the chunks back together with chocolate frosting. It was lumpy and odd looking, but delicious. Her grandmother didn't tell anyone until later that she hadn't made it that way on purpose. My mom was talking about it again last week - fifty some-odd years after it happened.
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When I have cakes fall or otherwise fail, I mash half of them into the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish (while still warm, ideally, so they smush super-flat), then spread a layer of jam and stick it in the freezer for 2 minutes, then smash the other half of the cake on top. Freeze briefly. Then put ALL THE FROSTING intended for a 2-layer cake on top. Freeze to set the icing. You end up with like 2/3 cake and 1/3 icing, and the cake is SO. DENSE. It's delicious.

If you do it with chocolate cake and fudge frosting, it is like the densest, richest brownie in the history of the universe.
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Trifle, in a clear glass bowl, is really an elegant dish.
The pudding and fruit is important. For the white/funfetti cake, try chocolate pudding and raspberries. Booze makes it awesome if you want to reserve it for the grown-ups.
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Nth'ing trifle! If it was just strawberry season, you could have it with fresh strawberries. Mmmm...
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I read this post before taking a nap and had a really elaborate dream about grumbling the funfetti cake in the bottom of a pan, putting vanilla yogurt on top and then staging a gummie bear gang war, color vs. color, on top.

This is probably a really bad idea (I imagine the yogurt would be difficult to spread and teaching four year olds about bloods vs. crips might be a bad idea and also you'd have all the other colors of gummie bears left over). But it was a very vivid dream.
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Response by poster: cake balls turned out pretty good, and they were a hit :) thanks everyone !
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This happened to me at my son's birthday party, and I ended up making a bowl o' cake, which is similar to a trifle, but not served in a pretty glass bowl. Mine was chocolate cake with fudge frosting, strawberries, and whipped cream. It wasn't pretty, but it was certainly delicious.
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