How do I get this Touch to play music again?
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How do I get this Touch to play music again?

iPod Touch 2nd gen, bought refurbished from Apple last week. As of yesterday, it doesn't want to play the music I've loaded onto it — which it was previously doing perfectly successfully.

If I select a track to play in iTunes, I will get the normal play screen which will then almost immediately page back to the playlist page. What the heck is happening here? The music shows up as normal in iTunes, and the machine shows the storage space used by the music is still filled.
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Best answer: Have you tried resetting it? I've had similar behavior on my iPhone that was caused by a corrupted library database, resetting it seemed to do the trick. You might also try a full reformat... or really, since you just bought it last week, maybe the best thing since you're already having problems is to go ask apple wtf is going on.
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Best answer: Try wiping it and reloading the music back on by doing a factory restore (third option on that page) and then syncing it again.
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Best answer: Definitely try a factory restore, or just re-syncing the player. My iPod Touch did that recently, and it was just because I had pulled out the USB cord too soon. I theorized that somewhere the "link" between the song name and the actual file on the iPod was broken, so it didn't actually know where the song you wanted to play was. But I'm not too tech-savvy.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all, a reset and a reload and all seems to be fine again. Corrupted library database seems probable — iTunes was telling me in its inscrutable way that it couldn't find the tracks.
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